Aluminum Spiral High Speed Doors with high strength and thermal insulation

Both fast running and high strength. It can be used as exteral security doors with heavy traffic and also need to prevent outside people.  It can also be used as thermal insulated rapid doors fit for temperature-controlled rooms.

Rapid Roller Door is a type of automatic roll up door that is designed to open and close very quickly, widely used in modern factories and warehouses. It can run in high speed and frequency, very fit for areas with heavy traffic. It improves efficiency of material handling. On the other hand, air flow and heat conduction through the door is reduced obviously, to keep clean, hygiene and temperature inside room. Automatic running is realized with programmed control system and sensors. 

   High speed running

    The opening speed can reaches up to 2.0m/s. And the closing speed can reaches up to 

    1.0m/s. This means that the door can finish a cycle of opening and closing within in 

    several seconds. It bring several major benefits:

     Improve work efficiency:  

     Workers or forklifts will no need wait in front of the door and can directly go across it. The       material handling speed is higher by at least 5 times than tradional roll up doors;


    Keep clean and hygiene: 

    The fast running reduces the open time to only seconds in a cycle of passing the door. 

    Thus much less outside air and dust will enter the room;

    Keep temperature: 

    Heat loss is reduced by large by reducing open time.

High frequency working


The motor is frequency motor, and control panel is frequency inverter system. It can change work power output gently. So the door can start and stop in a soft process. Its running speed will accelerate or decelerate gradually. This can avoid overriding and over-heating caused by constant up and down. So the door can keep running and no need worry its motor burnt or 

structure damaged. 

Our door can run up to 2000 times per day. This is why it is a best choice for busy area with 

heavy traffic like forklifts or passing workers. Our door can run up to 2000 times per day. This is why it is a best choice for busy area with heavy traffic like forklifts or passing workers. 


   Thermal insulated and high strength

    The door slat is made from double skin aluminum sheet filled with high density PU foam. 

    Total thickness reaches 43mm. 

    Good thermal insulation:  

    Special cold-bridge design, cutting off the heat transmission route. It can help keep 

    temperature inside the room;

    High wind-resistance: 

    benefiting from its aluminum material and reinforcing curving design, the door can 

    windstand wind up to 120km/h; 

    Safety protection: 

    it can prevent outside people and protect the warehouse from theft and robbery.

Smooth running 

Our guide rail is a Archimedes spiral. It is the line of points corresponding to the 

locations over time of a point moving away from a fixed point with a constant speed along        a line that rotates with constant angular velocity. 

With such a spiral guide rail, our doors can move very smooth in a constant speed. This 

reduces the friction and obstruction during coiling and improves the work life. 

   Longer work life with lower maintenance


    Advanced Italy servo technology drive motor and control system. Compared  with 

    traditional door system in the market, it has several advantages:


    Double encoders:  

    They calibrate with each other, to make running limit more accurate than tradtional limit 

    sensors. This completely avoid running limits error and reduce maintenance. And even if 

    one encoder is damaged, you can switch to another encoder and the door will continue to      work well, no need repair;

    Absolute encoder: 

    outside encoder is advanced absolute encoder. It will always keep the set limits even 

    during power failure. So you no need bother to do the frequent job of re-seting the limits;

    Flexile Torque Control System:  

    The output torque of motor keeps changing according to running speed and load 

    automaticlaly. This avoid over-heating and over-load after long time use, and make sure 

    the door work longer life.

User freindly Human-machine interface system

There is a LED display on the controller, showing all parameters and setting steps in English language. You can set or change any parameters like using a mobile phone. So you will feel very easy and comfortable to use the doors even you do not have any experience. 

And it is inbuilt with Fault-shooting program. The display will show the error information when there is some problem. 

There are addtional input and output signals in the controller. You can activate it by the screeen and the door will work together with your production line, robots, conveyor, or other machines.


   Various Colors 

    We supply six different colors for your choice. You can make a free selection among 

    them. Our doors can integrate into your whole building design and make the building 

    harmony and beautiful. 

    ①Grey, ② Red,  Orange, ④ Champagne, 

    ⑤ Yellow,  White, ⑦ Blue, ⑧ Silver,  Coffee

    Transparent windows can be made at human eye height. Its material is polycarbonate 

    window with ultroviolet sunlight-resist. This makes it easy to see what is happening at

    another side of the door. It will be more safe for a busy area with moving workers and 

    forklifts or other vehicles. 

Multiple safety protection

Considering the high speed running of the door, safety protection become very important to 

avoid possible accidents.  This can not be neglected when using such high performance  doors. There are three safety protection devices:

Safety photo sensor:  

The sensor can send a infrared light beam from one side to another. When it is blocked by 

passing human or vehicles, the door will immediately stop or get up. Thus it aims to avoid 


Safety airbag sensor: 

It is a soft rubber airbag at the bottom. If something touches the bottom, the door will stop or get up. So it aims to stop accident once it happens;

Alarm lamp: 

It gives out light flash signal or sound signal when the door running. Passing workers or 

vehicles can easily get aware that the door is working and take special care to avoid 


   Various shape to fit your project site 

    In some cases, you may find it difficult to install a standard spiral door in your area. The          ceiling is not high enough, or there are some objects like water pipe or cable tubes 

    passing by.There is not enough head rom to place the top body. To solve this problem, we      expand the design of guide rails, and offer three options. 

    Standard spiral: 

    Archimedes spiral, first choice, for enough top space;

    Oval spiral:  

    for limited space but above 500mm space

    Low-lintel rail: 

    for very limited top space less than 500mm;

Various Operation Methods

Every door will have wall mounted control buttons at both interior and exterior. This can make sure the door can be operated by workers at any time when they need. To improve your work efficiency, we also offer various addtional choices of operation devices.

Remote control: 

Each door can have two or more remote control units. People can open or close the door from as far as 100m distance; 

Radar sensor:

It can detect human or vehicles moving towards the door, and the door will open automatically. After passing through, the door will close automatically within several seconds which can set;

Vechicle loop detector: 

It detecting wire loop will be embedded into ground floor near the door. It can detect all the big metal objects passing on its loop like forklifts.  It does not detect humans. Thus such sensor is quite fit for doors which only allow forklifts passing automatically. 

Pull-cord switch:  

This is very convinient for forklift drivers, and also can avoid unnecessary opening of the doors compared with radar sensors or vehicle detector;

Technical Data:

Applicable location:both interior and exterior
Max dimension: 5000mm wide*6000mm high      
Max opening Speed: 2.0m/s   
Max closing speed:  1.0m/s  
Wind resistance: Beaufort scale 10 (25m/s) 
Power supply: 1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or  1-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ
Protection level of electric: IP55 
Available colors of fabric:Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey, White, Clear 
Fabric curtain:PVC(Polyvinyl chloride), 1.0mm thick, optional for 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick 
Frame material: Powder coated galvanized steel, optional for 304 stainless steel 
Wind bar:Aluminum alloy material, surface is powder coated

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