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Sectional Door

For exterior doors Key factors:

metal material with good strength, safety protection from theft, high wind resistance, 40mm thick sandwich door panel, good thermal insulated, high frequency opening, heavy traffic area

High Speed Door

Both exterior or interior doors in heavy traffic area Key factors:

fast opening and closing, good air-tightness, avoid air and dust entering the room, help keep clean and hygiene, room separation, air-lock, can be interlocking in buffer room

Dock Leveler

For loading dock or loading bay Key factors: connect warehouse floor and container floor, direct loading and unloading by forklifts, hydraulic automatic, adjustable height scope up to 350mm, up to 15 to loading capacity, improve efficiency a lot

Dock Shelter

Key factors:

prevent dust and air from outside, isolation between warehouse and outside, insulate heat and save energy, fit for different truck container sizes

Dock Door

Overhead door for loading docks Key factors: 

metal material with good strength, high wind resistance, high safety from theft, 40mm thick sandwich door panel, good thermal insulation, high frequency opening, quick running speed, both automatic motorized and emergency manual operation

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